Final Fantasy VII - Accessories

The table below shows a list of all accessories in the game and where to get them. They are sorted by name in ascending order.

Name Effect Location Cost
Amulet Luck +10. Shop in Mideel. 10,000G
Bolt Ring Immune to Lightning. Shop in Mideel. 8,000G
Cat's Bell Regens HP as you walk. Chocobo racing prize. N/A
Championship Belt STR+30 VIT+30. Exchange BP at Gold Saucer. 16,000BP
Choco Feather DEX+10. Shop in Wutai. 10,000G
Circlet MAG+30 SPI+30. Steal from Snow and Ultimate Weapon. N/A
Cursed Ring STR+35 MAG+35 VIT+15 SPI+15 SPE+15 LUC+10. Wearer receives death setence. Quest in Middel. Steal from Ultimate Weapon. N/A
Earring MAG+10 Shop in Rocket Town 7,500G
Fairy Ring Immune to Poison and Darkness. Find at Cave of the Gi. Shop in Mideel. 7,000G
Fire Ring Immune to Fire. Shop in Mideel. 8,000G
Fury Ring Wearer receives Berserk status. Shop in Gongaga. 5,000G
Headband Immune to Sleep. Shop in Junon. Shop in Gongaga. 3,000G
Hypno Crown Increases Manipulation success rate. Find at Coral Valley Cave. N/A
Ice Ring Immune to Ice. Shop in Mideel. 8,000G
Jem Ring Immune to Paralyze, Petrify and Slow Petrify. Shop in Mideel. Materia Keeper drop. 7,500G
Peace Ring Immune to Berserk, Fury, Confusion and Fury. Shop in Rocket Town. 7,500G
Poison Ring Wearer absorbs Poison attacks. Find at Whirlwind Maze. Motorball drop. N/A
Power wrist STR+10. Shop in Rocket Town. 7,500G
Protect Ring Wearer receives Barrier and Mbarrier. Morph Mover. Steal from Schizo. N/A
Protect Vest VIT+10. Shop in Rocket Town. Rufus drop. 3,500G
Reflect Ring Wearer receives Reflect. Steal from Ultimate Weapon. Jenova Death drop. N/A
Ribbon Immune to all bad statuses. Find at the Temple of the Ancients. Morph Master Tonberry. N/A
Safety Bit Immune to Sudden Death, Slow Petrify and Petrify. Shop in Rocket Town. 7,500G
Silver Glasses Immune to Darkness. Shop in Junon. Shop in Gongaga. 3,000G
Sneak Glove Steal rate is increased. Shop in Wall Market, Midgar. 12,000G
Sprint Shoes Wearer receives Haste. Chocobo racing prize. N/A
Star Pendent Immune to Poison. Coupon B in Shinra Building. Shop in Gongaga. 4,000G
Talisman SPI+10. Shop in Rocket Town. Shop in Gongaga. 4,000G
Tetra Elemental Absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth. Morph Cactuar. N/A
Tough Ring VIT+50 SPI+50. Steal from Reno. N/A
Water Ring Immune to Water. Steal from Acrophies. Find at Coral Valley. N/A
White Cape Immune to Frog and Small. Shop in Mideel. Shop in Gongaga. 5,000G