Final Fantasy VII - Characters

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Barret Job:Leader of Avalanche
Weapon:Gun Arm
Birthday:December 15th
Birth Place:Corel Village
Blood Type:O

Barret is the leader of the rebel group known as Avalance. He recruits members to help in the fight against the Shinra Corporation. He recruits Cloud at the beginning of the game after successfully destroying one of Shinra's mako reactors. Barett has a young daughter called Marlene who he had to leave in the care of others in order to fight Shinra.

Barret is a strong character, and because his weapon is a gun you can place him in the back row and do full damage while taking less in return than if he were in the front row. This gives him good defensive abilities. For this reason, avoid giving him too much materia as this will lower his strength and other stats.