Final Fantasy VII - Materia Caves

There are four materia caves located at different places around the planet. These contain powerful materia that will benefit you in the strongest battles in the game. It is highly recommended that you get all of this materia before fighting the Weapon creatures.

Since black and gold chocobos have the abilities of blue and green, you can use those chocobos instead to reach those materia caves. Likewise, a gold chocobo can access the cave which the black chocobo gets access to.

The table below list the materia that can be gained and how to get there.

Materia Caves
Materia Cave CaveLocationChocoboMateria Gained
1South-east of Wutai.GreenYellow Materia Mime
2North-east of Mideel.BlueBlue Materia Quadra Magic
3North of North Corel.BlackPurple Materia HP <-> MP
4Island, north-east corner of the world map.GoldRed Materia Knights of the Round
Yellow Green Blue Black Gold Materia Caves