Final Fantasy VII - Gold Chocobo

Getting Gold Chocobos
Gold Chocobo Introduction
To breed a gold chocobo, you will need to mate a black chocobo with a Wonderful Yellow chocobo. Obviously the genders need to be opposites.

Head over to the continent Icicle Inn is on and locate your Wonderful chocobo on the tracks nearby.
Before Breeding
Before breeding your chocobos, you should head over to the Chocobo Sage area located near Icicle Inn and buy lots of Sylkis Greens. Feed 99 to your chocobos. You will also need a Zeio Nut, which is located on an island in the top right of the map. Steal the nut from goblin creatures in the forest.
The next step is to race your black and Wonderful chocobos at the Gold Saucer up to S class.
At the Chocobo Ranch, select the breed option and use a Zeio Nut to mate your black and Wonderful chocobos.

Another way of obtaining a gold chocobo is to defeat Ruby Weapon for the Desert Rose and finish the quest associated with it in Kalm. But you will already have a gold chocobo by then.
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