Final Fantasy VII - Green Chocobo

Getting Green Chocobos
Green Chocobo Introduction
To breed a green chocobo, you will need to mate a Great chocobo with a Good chocobo. This may also produce a blue chocobo if it is your first time mating these types.

The way it works is that the first time you mate them, the result will be either blue or green. The second time, it depends on the genders of the first mating. If you mated a male Great chocobo with a female Good chocobo to get a blue chocobo then you will need to mate a female Great chocobo with a male Good chocobo for the green.

Reference the Yellow page to locate the chocobos you need. The guy at the Chocobo Ranch will let you know what kind of chocobo you have.
Before Breeding
Before breeding your chocobos, you should head over to the Chocobo Sage area located near Icicle Inn and buy lots of Sylkis Greens. Feed 99 to each chocobo. Also buy some Carob Nuts.
The next step is to race your chocobos at the Gold Saucer up to S class.
At the Chocobo Ranch, select the breed option and use a Carob Nut.
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