Final Fantasy VII - Yellow Chocobo

So, you've decided that you want to breed chocobos. That's what these pages are for. As you probably guessed, the yellow chocobos that you may have encountered form the basis of breeding the rarer coloured chocobos. What you may not have realised is that some yellow chocobos are better than others. To breed the coloured chocobos, you will need to find these. The table below contains all the information you need to know about yellow chocobos.

Getting Yellow Chocobos
Yellow Chocobo Introduction
As has been mentioned, yellow chocobos come in many different types. The only useful types are Good, Great and Wonderful. See below for information on where to find them.
Chocobo TypeWhere to Find It
Good and AverageNear Gold Saucer.
Great and FairNear Mideel.
Wonderful and WeakNear Icicle Inn
You will need to race your chocobos to S class before breeding them, but more on that later.
Yellow Green Blue Black Gold Materia Caves