Final Fantasy VII - Battle Square

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The battle square is a large arena where you can fight a series of battles to earn BP. BP stands for Battle Points and like GP, can be exchanged for prizes. However, BP can only be spent in the battle square. Since some extremely powerful and useful items can only be gained this way it is a good idea to participate. You will lose your BP if you leave the battle square at any time. The battles work like this, there are 8 of them and only one character can participate. You can quit after any amount, but to earn serious BP you need to win all 8. After each battle you will be given a handicap which will make life more difficult for you. Some handicaps are worse than others. Battle Square

Prize List

One thing to note about the prizes is that after you purchase the W-Summon materia and the Omnislash limit break you will be asked to perform in a series of special battles. In these battles you can earn items such as the Final Attack materia, which I think is the most useful materia in the game. If you win the special battles ten times, you will get a Ribbon. All other special prizes are worthless.

The table below shows which items can be bought from BP. The prices may be lower if you try to acquire them early in the game, but that makes the battles more difficult.

ItemDescriptionBP Requirement
RemedyCures bad statuses.100
Purple Materia Enemy LureIncreases random encounters.250
Right ArmExplosive damage to all.500
Purple Materia Pre-EmptiveIncrease chance of pre-emptive battles.1000
Reagan GreensChocobo food.2000
Purple Materia Speed PlusIncreases action speed.4000
StardustItem to cast Comet 2.8000
Champion BeltSTR +30 VIT +30.16000
OmnislashCloud's level 4 limit break.32000
Red Materia W-SummonCast two summons at once.64000

As for the handicaps, they're all listed below.

Lucky 7Participant receives no handicap.
CureParticipant's HP is refilled.
HPParticipant's HP is halved.
MPParticipant's MP is halved.
0 MPParticipant'sMP is reduced to 0.
HP and MPParticipant's HP and MP are halved.
Lose 5 levelsParticipant loses 5 levels.
Lose 10 levelsParticipant loses 10 levels.
FrogParticipant becomes a frog.
MiniParticipant becomes a mini version.
PoisonParticipant becomes poisoned.
Half SpeedParticipant's actions becomes half as fast.
Damage = Time*30Participant receives damage. Time*30.
No SwordParticipant can no longer use weapons.
No ArmourParticipant can no longer use armour.
No AccessoryParticipant can no longer use accessories.
No ItemsParticipant can no longer use items.
No MateriaParticipant can no longer use materia.
Red Materia No SummonsParticipant can no longer use summons materia.
Green Materia No MagicParticipant can no longer use magic materia.
Yellow Materia No CommandsParticipant can no longer use command materia.
Blue Materia No SupportParticipant can no longer use support materia.
Purple Materia No IndependentParticipant can no longer use independent materia.