Final Fantasy VII - Other Squares

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There are four other squares in the Gold Saucer, but not a lot happens in them so they don't deserve their own pages. A brief description of each is below.

Round Square

The round square is a Gondola ride that takes you on a visit around the Gold Saucer. You get to see some good FMVs here of what the Gold Saucer looks like, but that's about all. It's basically a sight seeing tour and nothing more. It is worth seeing once or twice. Round Square

Ghost Square

Ghost Square The ghost square is a special themed inn within the Gold Saucer. It's not special in that it's different to other inns in function, but this one has class and is like staying at an expensive hotel. You will visit here as part of the story, but you may want to come back again later to see it.

Event Square

The event square is only used once during your time playing the game, and this is for the dating story element. Which character you date depends on a lot of different variables and these are changed by how you interact with the characters throughout the game.

Station Square

This square contains a station back to North Corel and a save point. There is also a guy who will sell you GP for gil that may appear on some visits, but he will not sell you much and it is expensive. This is also the square that you pay your fees to enter the Gold Saucer, or show your pass if you have one.