Final Fantasy VII - Speed Square

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The speed square is like a rollercoaster ride where you get to shoot at targets along the track. The point of the game is to get the highest score you can, and of course this is what determines your prizes. The game can be fun and even addicting, but the prizes are poor compared to what is available in some of the other areas of the Gold Saucer. The targets come in the same order every time, and what this means is that the more you play it, the better you get. Speed Square

Prize List

As mentioned, the prizes for this game aren't that good but here is a list of them anyway. Please note that the prizes received for a score of over 5000 points can only be received once. After this you will simply get one of the other prizes. None of the prizes do anything special.

ScorePrize Received (Random)
< 5000Masamune Blade.
1/35 Soldier
Super Sweeper
> 5000Parasol


The points you get for each target varies, but the majority give between 30-70 per hit. If you want to see what the full list of them give then reference the table below. They're listed in the order that you will encounter them.

TargetPoints For Hit
Blue Plane50
Jet Plane60
Yellow Boulder60
Yellow Submarine200
Red Wheel70
Yellow Star1-300
Ice Boulder40
Ice Crystal50
Large Balloon30
Small UFO70
Lava Rock50
Large UFO40
Secret Headlight1000