Final Fantasy VII - Wonder Square

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The wonder square is a big arcade style area in the Gold Saucer. The area contains lots of minigames, some of which are quite basic while some are fun to play and require effort to do well in them. Those are the ones that you will have encountered throughout the game in various places. The games generally don't give great prizes, but who cares about that as long as you're having fun? The information below is all you need to know to succeed in all of the games, and details your rewards for succeeding. Wonder Square

Prize List

The prizes for all of the games will be a specific amount of GP or an item. Items are pretty straightforward, but you're probably wondering what this GP is for. Basically, GP is a currency that can only be used in the Gold Saucer. You can exchange your GP for items. Some of these items can only be obtained this way so it's a good idea to play some of the games. The table below shows you what items can be gained from exchanging GP.

GP Exchange List
ItemDescriptionGP Requirement
PotionRestores 100 HP to target.1
EtherRestores 100 MP to target.20
X-PotionRestores all HP to target.80
Turbo EtherRestores all MP to target.100
Gold TicketLifetime pass to Gold Saucer.300
Carob NutUsed when breeding chocobos.500
Purple Materia Gil PlusIncrease gil received in battle.1000
Purple Materia EXP PlusIncrease EXP received in battle.2000

As for the games, they're all listed below.

Crystal Fortune
50GThis is basically a fortune telling device that will give you a prediction of what the future may bring. The result varies based on the point in the story that you're at, so keep checking back if it interests you.Prediction

Arm Wrestling Mega Sumo
100GSumoThe goal of this game is to beat the sumo or the wrestler. It's a fairly easy game and to win you simply repeatedly tap the O button. The reward isn't worth the time investment.1 GP
Wrestler2 GP

Wonder Catcher
100GThis is just a machine that will give a random result, kinda like a fruit machine. You will either get a prize or nothing. Some prizes have less chance than others. The list of prizes varies depending on which side you use. The chance of obtaining each prize is an estimate.
Left SideRight Side
Item ReceivedChance of ItemItem ReceivedChance of Item
1 GP14%1 GP17%
3 GP8%3 GP8%
Ether6%Phoenix Down3.3%
80 GP0.8%100 GP0.5

Mog House
100GThe goal of this game is to get the Mog to fly. To play, you simply feed the mog nuts until you pass that stage. You will know you passed because he will make a different sound. This is usually around 5 nuts the first time and 3 the second. The prize is worth the investment, but unfortunately the prize is only available once.30 GP

Super Dunk
200GThe goal of this game is to get the basketball in the basket. You simply hold the O button until you get the required power and then release. If you practise the timing on this then you can make some awesome GP. GP is gained by 1 GP per basket, and if you get 10 in a row you will get the chance to double your GP earned. The game doesn't stop there either, it continues for another 10 etc. up to a max of 300 GP. If you miss in the double shoot then you will only get 1 GP total so be careful.Varies

3D Battler
200GGirl in pinkThe goal of this game is to beat your opponent. The game cal be described as being similar to the classic "Rock, Paper and Scissors" type game where one thing beats the other but loses to another. The prizes vary based on how far you get, and the opponents get harder. The last opponent is impossible to beat. The controls are below.

/\ - Upper attack - Beats low - loses to middle - draws top.
ll - Middle attack - Beats top - loses to low - draws middle.
X - Lower attack - Beats middle - loses to top - draw low.
Wrestler3 GP
Discoman30 GP
Spaceman300 GP

200G<10000This game is very similar to the bike game you played when you escaped from the Shinra building. The idea is to protect the car from the bikers and get the highest score you can. You score points by killing the enemy bikers.2 GP
>1000010 GP

200GBeginnerThis game is very similar to the snowboarding game you did when you went down the mountain towards the Great Glacier. Basically, you score points by performing good tecgniques and collecting the balloons. Some balloons are worth more points than others, and you will get one point for a red, three for a blue and five for a green. You will only get a prize if you earn over 89 points, and the items will only be gained once. If you score 70+ on every course then you will unlock a time trial mode, but there are no prizes for this.30 GP
Safety Bit
Advanced100 GP
Blue Materia All
Crazy300 GP
Crystal Bangle

Submarine Game
200GMateria7This game is very similar to the game you played when chasing the Huge Materia underwater, infact you can replay this level if you wish. You have to destroy enemy submarines and amount of targets in each depends on the level. All of the rewards are similar and the items you get will only be available the first time you beat the level. Of course, each level gets more difficult, so if you want GP stick with the easier ones.20 GP
11020 GP
T/S Bomb
2820 GP
Dragon Fang
31220 GP
Dragon Scale
41020 GP