Final Fantasy VII - Movies

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These pages contain the majority of the FMVs that you see throughout the game. They're all YouTube videos and I did not upload them to YouTube. As you might expect, such a section is going to contain many spoilers, so if you have yet to play Final Fantasy VII I suggest you do so before viewing the videos on these pages.

FMV #21
The Weapons escaping from the Northern Crater.

FMV #22
The first time you see Meteor.

FMV #23
The Sister Ray Cannon is readied at Junon.

FMV #24
The Sister Ray Cannon is fired.

FMV #25
A Weapon attacks Junon.

FMV #26
The GWeapon resurfaces from under the water.

FMV #27
The Weapon is defeated.

FMV #28
Tifa is rescued.

FMV #29
A baby condor hatches at Fort Condor.

FMV #30
Cloud and Tifa fall in Mideel.