Final Fantasy VII - Shinra

Shinra is the reason you're playing Final Fantasy VII. They're the main force of evil in the game, along with Sephiroth. The corporation is basically out to make lots of money by producing electricity made from mako energy. This is a problem because this process is killing the planet. Not only that, Shinra were involved in some experiments which created Sephiroth. So if it weren't for Shinra, the planet would all be happy without problems. But who are the Shinra people? Find out below. Shinra Logo

The Shinra Hierarchy

As you can see from the diagram below, Shinra has a strict hierarchy, just like any other company would. You generally have the guy at the top who owns the company, then a vice president and below him to get department managers. Below them you may even have other staff working for you. Shinra is no different. The roles of each member of the Shinra company are explained below.

Shinra Hierarchy President Shinra
President Shinra is the first president of the Shinra corporation. He founded the company and is obsessed with making cash, no matter what the cost to the planet or the people who live on it. Early in the game he will be removed from power. I'll let you play the game to find out why.
Rufus - Vice President
After President Shinra is gone, his son, Rufus will become the new president. Rufus is a lot more ruthless than his father was, as he prefers to rule via fear rather than monetary power. Rufus is also a fairly good fighter.
Palmer - Space Exploration
Palmer is responsible for the space exploration department of the company. However, the project of human space flight was abandoned long ago so not much happens here any more.
Scarlet - Weapons Development
Scarlet's job is to research and build new weapons to increase the power of the Shinra army. One of her biggest creations is the Sister Ray cannon that you see in the game. This is a powerful cannon that can be loaded with mako energy. This was responsible for removing the barrier from the Northern Crater.
Heidegger - Public Safety and Maintenance
Heidegger's job is to ensure public safety and that the public will do what Shinra wants them to do. Because of this, he is incharge of a large part of Shinra's army. The Turks work for this person.
Hojo - Science
Hoho is head of the science department and was responsible for the experiements that produced Sephiroth. He is also involved with various research projects into the Ancient Cetra race of which Aeris is a part of.
Reeves - Urban Development
Reeves' job is to manage the towns and cities in the world and plan where new buildings should be built. He was responsible for the contruction of Midgar.

The Turks

The turks are an elite group who work for Heidegger and Shinra. Their main job of the Turks is to investigate incidents that may happen around the world. They will also be scouting for possible candidates to join the Shinra army. As the picture below shows, all of the Turks wear a blue suit. The guy in white is Rufus from Shinra.

The Turks
Tseng - Leader of the Turks
Like his title suggests, Tseng is the leader of the turks. His job is to tell the other turks what to do. Since he forms the strategic part of the Turk's operations he generally doesn't fight much. He does have good skill with a hand gun so he is not one to be messed with.
Reno is a red haired guy who is also a member of the Turks. His weapon of choices appears to be a stun baton.
Rude is a member of the Turks who does not like to talk much. He is also one of the oldest members. In battle, his weapon of choice appears to be a riffle.
Elena is the only female Turk, and one of the newest to join the group. Due to her being new and inexperienced she sometimes leaks information that she shouldn't. She is a good fighter however and uses grenades and her fists as weapons.