Final Fantasy VII - Story

Warning: This page includes main plot spoilers. Do not read if you haven't played the game.

MidgarThe game begins in the city of Midgar; a giant metropolis filled with many rich and poor residents. The rich live on the top of a disc, while the poor live in the slums below. Eight reactors circle the city, producing mako energy for the electric power company Shinra. However, this production of mako energy is killing the planet. This is where you, Cloud, come into the story. Your job is to save the planet from the Shinra Corporation. Along the way you will discover greater problems that put the world in even more danger.

Shinra BuildingCloud, who used to be an ex member of Shinra's army Soldier, has now become a mercenary and joins a rebel group called Avalanche. This organisation seeks to destroy Shinra by shutting down their mako reactors. After successfully destroying one of them and having problems with the next, Cloud will encounter a flower girl called Aeris. Aeris will get kidnapped by Shinra, leading to Cloud and the gang searching for her. This leads them to the Shinra HQ building at the top of Midgar. After saving Aeris, they find that an unknown person has killed all of the guards. They later learn that this man was Sephiroth, a powerful ex-Soldier member who is also out to destroy the planet.

Gold SaucerAfter leaving Midgar, the gang head to Kalm where they will learn of Cloud's past and who Sephiroth is. Afterwards they head to a military town known as Junon where Shinra will be holding a ceremony for Rufus. Shinra plans to go to the western continent via boat and the gang will follow them. Eventually you will find yourself in Mt. Corel heading towards a mako reactor because someone spotted Sephiroth in the area. The search for Sephiroth leads them to Barret's hometown, North Corel. They learn that Sephiroth may be in a giant amusement park called the Gold Saucer. So this is where they head out to.

Cosmo CanyonThe gang learns that Sephiroth is looking for the Black Materia; a powerful magic which he intends to use to summon Meteor and destroy the planet. The gang doesn't know this yet however. Suddenly they find themselves ambushed and thrown in Jail. After escaping from here via a desert buggy the gang heads off to Cosmo Canyon where they learn more about Red XIII and the effect of mako energy on the planet. They then head off to Cloud and Tifa's hometown, Nibelheim where they learn more about Cloud and Tifa's past and their encounters with Sephiroth.

Rocket TownAfter this part of the story, the gang find themselves in Rocket Town, the home of Cid. As the name suggests, the town features a giant rocket, which is a relic of the now defunct space program. Here, the gang learn that the Black Materia is in a place called The Temple of the Ancients and that they must get to it before Sephiroth. So this is where they head next.

The Temple of the AncientsThey eventually learn that they must get to this materia before Sephiroth, so this takes them to the Temple of the Ancients. Here, they will learn of Sephiroth's plan to become one with the planet and become unstoppable. The gang learn that in order to get the Black Materia one of them has to sacrifice themselves, so Caith Sith volunteers since his real body is in the Shinra HQ. Sephiroth appears to have some power over Cloud, so Cloud ends up giving the Black Materia to Sephiroth. This creates some big problems for the gang, since Sephiroth can now summon Meteor.

Aeris DeathThe gang decide that they must go in search of Sephiroth and this leads them to the City of the Ancients where they have an encounter with him. Now begins one of the saddest scenes in the history of Final Fantasy; the death of Aeris. There is nothing they can do to save her. After this incident, the gang head down a glacier towards a crater located in the Northern Limits. This is where Sephiroth is hiding. Here, the gang get hold of the Black Materia. Unfortunately they give it to Cloud, who is again possessed by Sephiroth and uses it to summon Meteor.

MeteorCloud is injured in the aftermath of the summoning and the gang find him in a town called Mideel. After resting to full health the gang learn that Shinra are searching for the Huge Materia and want to use it to destroy Meteor. The chase is now on for this Huge Materia. This leads them to Rocket Town where the Huge Materia is being loaded on to a rocket ready to be flown into Meteor. The gang don't like this idea, but they end up in space anyway. The rocket fails to destroy Meteor and they head back down to the planet with the Huge Materia.

Junon CannonIn need of advice on how to destroy Meteor, the gang head to Cosmo Canyon and meet Bugenhagen again, who suggests going back to the City of the Ancients would be the best thing to do next. Here, they learn how to stop Meteor. While this is taking place, Shinra are busy moving the Mako Cannon from Junon to Midgar so that they can remove the barrier from Sephiroth's hiding place at the crater. This works, but the Shinra HQ is destroyed when one of the Weapon creatures fires back.

EndingThe gang then parachutes back into Midgar and make their way through a train tunnel to find the cannon. Soon they find out that Hojo, one of the Shinra scientists, is actually Sephiroth's father and that he is fusing him with Mako energy to make him stronger. After the fight the gang are ready to take down Sephiroth and save the planet. They head for the Crater at the Northern Limits and land their airship there. They then make their way down the crater to the centre where the final battles take place. Afterwards, the planet is saved and you can go watch Advent Children.