Final Fantasy VII - Get Vincent and Yuffie

Vincent and Yuffie are two optional extra characters that you may encounter along the way during your travels of Final Fantasy VII. You do not have to get them in order to complete the story, but if you want to do everything this game has to offer then it would be a good idea to get them. How do you get them, you may be wondering. Here you will find out.

Get Vincent

Vincent is the harder of the two to acquire, but they are both relatively easy to get anyway. Since Vincent is the coolest and most useful of the two I have listed him first.

Vincent The first step in acquiring Vincent is to head over to the Shinra mansion which is located in the town of Nibelheim. Once there, head up to the second floor and locate a safe. Here you will have to enter the following combination, but make sure you are quick as you only have 20 seconds to do it.

Right - 36
Left - 10
Right - 59
Right - 97

If you managed that correctly you will find yourself in a boss battle. This should not present too much difficulty, but you will be rewarded with the Odin materia. Also grab the key to the basement from inside the safe, you will need this for the next part.
The final step is to head to the basement. Exit the room you're in and head right. Look for the hidden stairwell and descend to the bottom. Use the key you gained from the safe on the door and you will be in the basement. Examine the coffin in the middle of the room and talk to Vincent about Sephiroth. Afterwards, re-open the coffin and you will be able to rename him if you want. Now try to leave the basement and you will be stopped by Vincent wanting to join your team.

Get Yuffie

Yuffie is easier to get than Vincent, and takes less time. Read below for the details.

The earliest you can get Yuffie is when you first head to Junon. She will be in the forested area nearby. If you don't get her here then don't worry as she can be found in any forest in the world. Wander around in the forest until you get into a battle with an enemy called "Mysterious Ninja". Her level will be similar to your own, but the fight will be easy.

After the fight you will see a save point. Do not use this, as she will run away. You must talk to her and say the right things. The list of options to select are below.

1 - "Not interested."
2 - "...petrified".
3 - "Wait a second!"
4 - "That's right."
5 - "Let's hurry on."

She will now join your team.

Note: If a different character than Cloud is your party leader, the choices will be slightly different. But in general, it's always options 2 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 2.