Advent Children - Divinity I and II

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There are two versions of Divinity in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, however the lyrics for both are the same. You can view them below, along with the English translation. There is also a YouTube video for Divinity I which you can listen to, but please note that the video was not uploaded by myself. The track is the first one in the video.

The Song

The Lyrics

Original - Latin Translation - English
Caelo missus rex
Poena terrae motus
Error humanus
Cajus fructus foris
Cajus verbum clavis
Calamitas excitata ab imo
Cum haustus est fremitu
Cum levatus est carmine
Fatum invitans ruira sive paradisus

Pauci resistentes
Sola Dea fatum novit
He lived,
he slept.
The king sent by the sky.
His punishment is like an earthquake.
A mistake humans made,
whose pleasure is the door,
and whose voice is the key.
Disaster is sparked by him.
As he is surrounded by roaring,
as he is summoned by chants,
so he himself can call upon ruinous fate and paradise alike.

and screams.
Few are able to resist.
A sole goddess could see destiny.