Advent Children - Story

Warning: This page includes plot spoilers. Do not read if you haven't seen the movie.

DenzelTwo years have passed since the events of Final Fantasy VII and a new plot is about to unfold. A group of young men are in search of Jenova so that they can use her to bring back Sephiroth. Meanwhile, a mysterious illness called Geostigma is infecting the population. Children appear to catch the illness easier than adults and it is thought the illness is coming from the lifestream, having been contaminated with Jenova cells. A new town, called Edge, has been built in the past two years and this is where most of the population live.

Cloud TifaCloud had given up fighting after the events of Final Fantasy VII but he is forced to pick up his sword and fight once again when he learns that Marlene has been kidnapped by Loz during a fight with Tifa. Loz is part of the gang searching for Jenova. Not only was Marlene captured, but most of the children in Edge were too. Kadaj, also part of the gang with Loz, wants to use the children in his evil plans.

Kadaj and his group head back to Edge and start causing chaos in the town. They summon a version of Bahamut to help with this chaos. Cloud and his friends arrive to see the chaos and begin to fight the Bahamut creature. With some good effort and teamwork they eventually defeat it.

A bigger problem now looms for Cloud because Kadaj now has the Jenova head in his possession and uses it to transform himself into Sephiroth. This is a fight between him and Cloud only. During the fight Cloud gets injurred, but eventually he wins. Afterwards Cloud is able to save the children and cure them of the Geostigma illness.